Joshua’s Place Ground Breaking

Joshua’s Place Ground Breaking

October 13, 2017

To our CV Family:

Joshua’s Place is a Christian, non-profit, Lansing area organization that has been trying, over the past six years, to develop a home for men with developmental disabilities.  Throughout their journey we have met with them to offer assistance and mentorship as they endeavored to turn their vision into reality.  Their successful fundraising has produced nearly 90% of the cost to construct a home, but the complexity of operations was daunting to them.

Last year their board formally proposed to turn the entire project – along with their funds and donor base, over to Chosen Vision.  We have agreed to build and operate this home (our 4th) as a Chosen Vision home.  We will place a “Joshua’s Place” sign up within the home in honor and respect for their original vision.

With nearly 90% of the funding pledged (and their promise to raise an additional $75,000 for the next two years to be applied towards operations) – we have been busy moving forward with permitting and construction.  This home is being built on Turner Street in DeWitt, just three doors down from our existing men’s home.

We are excited about this fourth home and the six men that will live there.  We are also excited to have those who have supported the vision for Joshua’s Place for many years now joining the Chosen Vision family.

Please continue to pray for us as we seek to fill the remaining spots with the right residents, find and hire the appropriate staff to work in the Joshua’s Place home, and integrate the residents as they adjust to their new living arrangements and relating to their new “family”.