2017 Golf Marathon

2017 Highlights

A hearty thank you to all our supporters of the the 6th Annual Two Men and a Truck Golf Fore Chosen Vision Golf Marathon, https://twomenandatruck.com.  We had a brisk start to the day, but by noon it turned out to be a beautiful day for golf.  The residents of the Chosen Vision homes came out to The Country Club of Lansing to cheer on each of the golfers and volunteers.  Everyone enjoyed the Stand 6 halfway house that was sponsored by Jackson National Life, https://www.jackson.com/index.xhtml.

We had 18 golf marathoners complete over 1600 holes throughout the day and early evening.  There were several skill prizes on the course throughout the day.  Here are the winners:

  • Hole #5- (Brian Pender)Longest Drive- 4 rounds at Eagle Eye courtesy of Hawk Hallow Properties, http://www.hawkhollow.com/
  • Hole #7- (Colin Pilditch)Closest to the pin- Oakland Hills, threesome to play with Steve Scher sponsored by Team Rehab, https://team-rehab.com/
  • Hole #11- (Jeff Bajorek)Closest to the pin- 4 tickets to a Tigers game courtesy of Jim Russell and New Direction partners
  • Hole #14- (Robert Tallian)Closest to the pin in two shots- 4 rounds at Hawk Hallow courtesy of Hawk Hallow Properties, http://www.hawkhollow.com/
  • Hole #17- (Jim Russell)Closest to the pin- Meadowbrook Country Club, threesome to play with Jeff Bajorek sponsored by Parabola Consulting, https://www.jeffbajorek.com/
  • Hole #18 (Greg Wilson)longest putt made- 4 rounds at the Country Club of Lansing courtesy of CCL, https://www.cclansing.org/
  • Putting Contest (Robert Tallian)(3 putts for $20) on the putting Green (open to anyone and Everyone) 4 tickets to the Rolling Stones Exhibitionism at Navy Pier in Chicago with one night hotel stay, courtesy of Jackson National Life,  https://www.jackson.com/index.xhtml http://stonesexhibitionism.com/

The golfers also made a bet amongst themselves to see who could have the lowest score of the day if you added up their best score on each hole.  Robert Tallian defended his title from last year with a solid 68.  He won on a tiebreaker with Jim Russell by birdieing the 3rd hole which is the number 1 handicapped hole.


Thank you to all for the tremendous support and donations.  Chosen Vision truly appreciates your generosity.  If you are interested in following Chosen Vision on Facebook, here is the link:  https://m.facebook.com/Chosen-Vision-1399558626769617/?ref=ts&fref=ts.


The 7th Annual Golf Fore Chosen Vision Golf Marathon (and possible half marathon) will be on Monday, May 21st, 2018.

Craig Pilditch

  • Is it my turn?



Below is some information on last years event to entice you to participate this year.  See you at the course.





2016 Golf Marathon

 A thank you letter from participating parents Robert and Sandy

It seems like yesterday that we held our 1st golf marathon.  We had 8 participants and raised $22,000 in 2011 and we thought that was a huge success.  This year we had 28 participants and raised over $90,000. Growth is sometimes slow but it sure is good. 

Our new Marathon Chairperson (Craig Pilditch) Craig Pilditchwas in charge of this year’s event and boy did he take charge.  Tee times were established and there was a special contest on nearly every hole. The 28 participants did not just go out and wack the ball around, they really had to concentrate to try to win some fabulous prizes.

Sandy and I would usually arrive around 9:00 a.m. and play until we couldn’t hold the club any longer.  Not this year – Craig had us teeing off at 7:21 and just instructed us to “play hard”, “play fast” and “play many”.

We did the best we could – we both completed 89 holes.  That’s four full 18 hole rounds plus one extra hole and two balls on all the par threes; more bad shots than good ones.  My average score for 18 was Selfie - R,S, H81 and Sandy’s was 92.  She did win Longest Drive contest so that was cool.  I tied the contest for best ball with 68 and after comparing cards, won that pot & that was pretty cool  (of course – I donated it back).


What was really neat is that Holly caddied for us for nearly 3 hours. Holly club, towel Well, she really didn’t caddy, she did hand me a club once in awhile and a towel to wipe the sweat away.  Most of the other time was just laughing, taking in the bumps the golf cart provided and always wanting to stop at the Canteen for a treat of some kind.  Once in awhile I would hear her say “nice shot Pops” or “Sandy make bogey again”.  Really didn’t make any difference how I played, her laughing and smiling was worth more than anything.  In addition to Holly, several staff & some girls from 2 of our homes came out and rooted all that played.  What a beautiful scene.

Robert & Sandy heads together exhaustionWe finished up playing around 6:00 p.m. and the only people we could lean on were each other. Amazing how wiped out we were.  I know the blisters will heal, the muscles will stop spasming and the hands will stop cramping…..IT WAS ALL WORTH IT.Robert's hands


Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your support.  We would not have been able to accomplish this without you.

Robert and Sandy



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