Our Story

Our Story


Chosen Vision was founded by a group of individuals who were interested in establishing a group home for developmentally disabled adults that would meet their social and emotional needs.    Eleanor Tobey was instrumental in bringing this group together and she served as President of the Board for the first nine years of the organization’s history.  The organization was officially incorporated as a non-profit organization with the state of Michigan on July 26, 1991.  In September of 1992, Chosen Vision, Inc. was granted exemption from federal income taxes in accordance with section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, thereby enabling all contributions to the organization to be exempt from federal taxes.

Chosen Vision struggled for many years to raise the money required to begin the serious undertaking of operating a small group home.  Parents and friends met to discuss various means for developing a place that would provide a suitable living arrangement in a safe, secure, Christian environment.  They had a dream – a vision – and they worked to prepare a viable plan.

Through the commitment of many volunteers and board members, and the generous contributions of a core of donors, the original goal to develop a home for developmentally disabled adults became a reality in the year 2001.  On August 1, 2001 Chosen Vision entered into a one year lease (with an option to purchase) on a relatively new, large, barrier-free six-bedroom home located on two acres of scenic countryside with a view of the Grand River.  This home is located on Audrey Lane just off North River Road in Delta Township (northeast of Grand Ledge).

Shortly thereafter, we completed all necessary repairs and renovations to the home.  The needed renovations included; a redesigned and implemented waste-water-disposal system, roof repairs to curtail leakages, installation of an elevator, changing the unfinished area of the lower level into needed office space, conference room and storage, the addition of two finished bedrooms that are used for overnight staff and/or guardian/parent visits, the addition of a full bathroom that is handicapped accessible, and the installation of an additional furnace and air conditioning unit (which has solved the problem of the previously inadequate heating/cooling capacity of the original equipment).  The money was raised through a special Capital Improvement Campaign to which many individuals generously contributed along with several foundations that made sizeable contributions which have made these renovations possible.

Through the generous support of many, we completed our second home in DeWitt, Michigan in 2013. This home provides support for six developmentally disabled higher function ladies.  

Our third home is a men’s home & was completed in 2015.  This home provides support for six developmentally disabled higher function men & is located right next door to the ladies home in DeWitt, Michigan. 

In each home, the residents are encouraged to assume as much independence as is appropriate and safe for each individual.  The ladies assume responsibility for doing laundry and making their own beds. They also enjoy helping staff with cooking and baking.    Chosen Vision, Inc. emphasizes the philosophy that Chosen Vision is home to each resident.  Their space needs to be respected and their desire for privacy needs to be protected. The home is a haven for the residents.  The ladies have shown an appreciable increase of self-esteem and self confidence as they have adjusted to the environment of the Chosen Vision Home in which they live.  They are polite and helpful to each other.

Today, Chosen Vision, Inc. has a full-time Home Administrator, and eight part-time employees.

Chosen Vision, Inc. is able to provide a quality program that enables each resident to live up to her own potential within a caring Faith Based environment because of the generosity of our donor community.  We are grateful to God who by His providence has brought together ten very special ladies as residents and a group of caring and conscientious staff.  We thank each donor for being a part of making the vision an enduring reality!

On behalf of Chosen Vision Board and Staff, we want you to know that we are dedicated to meeting the needs of Developmental Disabled population.