Meet our Ladies





Danielle Carr moved into our Grand Ledge home April 2017. The transition has been an easy one, she loves being on her “own” and living here.  She goes to Grand Ledge Satellite with three of our other residents two days a week.  She also attends Chatlotte Satellite and works at Peckham in Charlotte two days a week.

Danielle likes working and being independent, she will help in any way she can. Danielle loves to make people laugh. Detroit Tigers are her all time favorite, however she enjoys playing basketball. Danielle is looking forward to her birthday in July so she can have a big Detroit Tigers birthday cake


You would be shocked to see how well Holly has adjusted, matured and has become so independent since moving into Chosen View in 2002. Holly has Cerebral Palsy and not ambulatory however, adept at navigating her environment with a manual wheelchair. Holly attends Transitions North, a Community Mental Health sponsored workshop and is involved in community and volunteer activities including creating crafts for sale. Activities that she likes include playing cards, legos, watching TV, trips to the mall, long rides, listening to music and getting her nails painted.


Born on May 5, 1970, Laura grew up in Michigan with her parents and her two sisters. Despite Laura’s struggle with Down’s Syndrome she has attended school for most of her life; she currently attends Transitions North 3 days a week. Laura enjoys anything musical, participating in family functions and going to church with her parents.

Laurie T


Laurie T joined or Chosen Vision family in September 2013. She previously resided in a State operated foster facility that unfortunately closed.

She likes dancing, swimming, bowling, playing cards, helping in the kitchen

She has 5 sisters and 2 brothers and she is youngest. She attends T-North 5 days and she also works in the workshop there.

Lori Lee

Lori Lee 2

Hello Everyone. My name is Lori Lee. I was born and raised in the Lansing area where I lived with my family which consisted of my parents, six sister and two brothers, my brother Tom is also mentally challenged. I moved into my first adult living home when I was in my mid 30s, and have been in adult foster care ever since.

I love to listen to music, especially old country songs, I like to swing, spend time out of doors, and my family will tell you I love to talk too!!!! I am so excited to be a part of this beautiful family, I have so many new friends, and I hope to be here for a very long time.



Val: This lady has grown and blossomed just as the other residents have in our home. Valerie attends Transitions North, a Community Mental Health workshop and works on an several sorting and assembling projects for local sponsored businesses. Val loves to participate in arts and crafts projects and is often seen helping staff with cleaning duties. Val enjoys her Chosen Vision extended family and looks forward to going on a hot air balloon ride someday.



ade graduation

Adrienne adjusted to her new home in DeWitt in no time at all! She loves her new roommates, the excitement, the everyday active schedule and the food far out does mom and dad’s as she gets to help plan the menu! Adrienne attends Transitions St. Johns 5 days a week and has four jobs! Yes four! She works at Gold Standard and Sweetie-Licious and she volunteers at Hazel
Findley Country Manor and Sparrow Clinton Hospital. Her favorite job is the one she is at that day.

She is very helpful around the house, her favorite chore being laundry. She is also an active member of AKTION Club. Adrienne enjoys swimming, bowling, traveling and hanging out with her friends, special cousins and brother, Andy.


Amy: Our first resident to move into the Chosen View group home in 2002. She enjoys the responsibility given to her as resident coordinator and is kind of the “Leader of the pack” . Amy helps the staff with a variety of chores just as the others do, but she has the specific task of helping with grocery shopping. She is a big sport’s fan and follows our local home town football and hockey teams.


Colleen is very social and enjoys coloring and painting. She likes bowling, cooking ,shopping and playing cards. She attends Transitions Saint Johns.  She loves to have her nails painted and enjoys when someone reads to her.  She has a lot of family in the area and loves spending time with them . She has 2 sisters and 3 brothers.


Elizabeth is the newest resident at Dewitt Womens home. She attends Transitions Saint Johns five days a week and is a part of the basketball team. Liz enjoys reading and doing crafts. Some of her favorite things to do at Transitions are bowling and shopping. Liz loves her new home at Chosen Vision and is doing a great job making new friends.


Julie Ashdown

Julie has made a remarkable transition to her new home in DeWitt! She loves her new room, caregivers and her new daily schedule. Julie attends Transitions North five days a week and is involved in their work program for Neogen along with a variety of other activities.

Julie is very social and enjoys chatting, watching TV, listening to music, and using the computer. She also likes to bowl and has been involved with a faith-based archery program called “Center Shot” helping young children with skill development.

She is the middle of five children and along with her siblings is now pleased to be out on her own.